Your employee's credentials could be for sale, or even freely available, on the web.

Dark Web

With more and more data breaches happening every day, it's very likely your employees' information is available for free or purchase to whoever knows how to find them. BenefitMall, Ascension, Facebook, 500px, Dunkin’ Donuts, Dow Jones, Rush University Medical Center and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are just few of the many companies that reported data breaches in just the first few months of 2019. Most commonly you will hear people refer to the place where your credentials are the product as the Dark Web or Deep Web. Here is the problem,  yes, the dark web is a place that requires some special tools and knowledge on how to access and navigate that is teaming with stolen credentials and all kinds of other things that will make you lose sleep; however, many of your breached company credentials are also sitting right on the same internet that you are watching endless cute puppy videos on.

If you have had a business email address for more than a few months there is a very high probability that at least one your credentials or company email addresses have been breached or scraped from somewhere. Even if you were lucky enough to not use one of the sites that has been breached in the last several years that doesn't mean that you are safe. For example, if you have ever received a marketing email from ANY company your email address could be out there so it can be used as a target for phishing attacks. that was discovered in March of 2019 is a perfect example. was an email validation company that allowed marketers to verify the accuracy of their email lists had their database on an unprotected server that was accessible to anyone who knew where to look. Nearly 1 billion email accounts, along with other personal information were exposed. It was one of the largest single-source data breaches ever recorded.

Breached Credential Monitoring

Doing a one time check for your businesses information on the dark web is like checking your personal credit report on only one credit agency one time and then never looking at it again. You will get a snapshot of how things look like at that point in time, but will have no idea when something changes or when someone tries to open a fraudulent account in your name. Dark Web monitoring is available from all kinds of sources out there, but one question you have to ask is this... If the most popular place for breached credentials is actually right on the regular internet, why would you want to just monitor the dark web? So what do you do? For less than a few large Pumpkin Spice Latte's a month, we will continually monitor for your businesses domain(s) top show up as part of a breach and send you alert about the account that was part of a new breach, including the password that was found with it. Our database that we use is continually updated by technicians who's only job is to scour the dark web, deep web and even the plain ole internet for breached credentials. Don't just monitor the Dark Web for your breached credentials, monitor the whole web.

Ready to start being proactive about security? Request your free Breached Credential scan below so you can get you a baseline of your current exposure. Then when you are ready to know if your employees credentials show up from a new breach so you won't be blind-sided again, talk to your LogicCloud IT representative about signing up for Breached Credential Monitoring.  If you after your free scan you don't see the benefit of knowing if your employees credentials have been part of a breach, then you are all done. There are no obligations for the free Breached Credential scan. Take a small step in being proactive about your business security. 

Breached Credential Monitoring Fees

**Included as part of our PII-Protect Employee Cybersecurity Advanced Training and Breach Prevention Platforms**

$25 / month for the first domain
$15 / month each additional domain
$25 one-time account setup fee*

*Account setup fee is waived for any customers on an LogicCloud IT monthly billed plan. Eligible monthly billed plans include: Managed IT, Microsoft Office 365 Licensing, Microsoft Azure Licensing, VoIP Service, 365 Cloud Backup, 4G backup internet, and WiFi Marketing.

FREE Breached Credential Scan

We offer a complimentary breached credential scan for all businesses. In our Free and no obligation scan, we scan for your businesses domain(s) in our database of breached credentials from the dark web, deep web and the internet to see what accounts have been involved in a breach, so you can get a picture of what your business might be up against.

Remember, knowing is only part of the battle to keep your business and customer data safe. Being proactive about your businesses security and making sure that your employees know what to do to keep your data and clients data safe is critical no what size your business is. This is why we also offer affordable proactive services such as Breached Credential Monitoring, Employee Security Awareness Training with simulated phishing, and our Breach Prevention Platform.

Best way to protect your business from a breach?
Take actions to prevent one in the first place!

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NOTE: We send our findings over in an encrypted email, but we will give you a heads up when it is on its way with instructions on how to open it.