Backups are critical to business! Accidental deletes happen. Laptops are lost. Hard drives crash. Servers fail. Coffee spills. Can your organization afford the loss of business-critical data from a disaster or employee accident?

Data is what runs every business. Unfortunately, there are many ways data can be lost, including ransomware, physical damage or theft, hardware and software failures, or employee accidents or malicious acts. Data loss can grind business to a halt and critical data loss can close a businesses doors.

Fires, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters can completely wipe out a location, along with its on-site data. More often though, a disaster doesn't happen by an act of nature, but instead by a not-so natural disasters such as ransomware, employee accidents, negligence or malicious intent. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses adopt a total backup solution that includes automated off-site backup of on-premise infrastructure to the cloud; and cloud to cloud backups for cloud hosted solutions. Just forgetting to change one tape or hard drive one time could mean weeks worth lost data; and that one email you deleted a month ago could now be critical.

Businesses think that just because their using a cloud solution that says it is backed up that their data is safe. This is not necessarily the full case. Most cloud providers provide backups in case of their infrastructure failure, but not for accidental deletes. This includes Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Azure.

Don't take that chance, LogicCloud IT offers several business-class backup services from simple file-level backup for servers and critical workstations, to full Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solutions for both on-premise and cloud based infrastructure; and all without breaking the bank. We even offer self-service Exchange and SharePoint online backups with unlimited data retention for a low per user, per month cost.

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