IOT (Internet of Things) Patrol

Every day more and more things are connected to the internet some that many of us would have never thought would need to me. Cars, cameras, voice-activated assistants, appliances, home systems, health-monitoring devices, road sensors, public-safety and security devices, smart meters and personal fitness and health trackers, toothbrushes, dental floss, hairbrushes, pillows, egg trays, wine bottle sleeves, baby monitors, changing tables, silverware, umbrellas, toys, sporting goods and even remote-controlled pet food dispensers/ Heck, even the animals themselves are being connected, such as dogs, cats, horses, cows and more!

The problem? Security! While many manufacturers have made great strides to try and incorporate more security out of the box, many others have not. Generic default passwords, unclear instructions, and sometimes the do-it-yourselfer who "knows about computers" or likes to tinker can be a dangerous thing. Every day there are untold thousands of devices connected directly to the internet that someone forgot to secure, didn't know they needed to secure; or just plain old ignored the need to secure (admin/admin is easy to remember after all).

That's where the LogicCloud IT "IOT Patrol" comes in.  The IOT Patrol uses paid for, and in-house developed tools and databases that are compiled by scanning every port on every IP in the entire world looking to see what devices are answering back; as well as other tools of the trade that are also used by cybercriminals and nefarious hackers. Using these databases and tools, technicians make queries to try and locate specific kinds of items, specifically in the United States of America, that can be forgotten to be protected and see if they are currently online. If an unprotected device is located and confirmed, the IOT patrol works to try and identify and contact the owner or manager of that device to alert them to their unsecure device so they can take measures protect it. Our goal is to find the unsecure device and get it secured before the bad guys get to it.

Everything from remote PC access at Dr's offices, to home webcams to controllers on city busses have been secured only because they were found by the IOT Patrol. The IOT patrol is a division of LogicCloud IT, Inc that has no profit goals. Everything for the IOT Patrol is funded by donations from individuals, companies, and even governments.


Any amount you would like to donate to the IOT Patrol fund would be greatly appreciated. Whether it is $10 or $100,000; every little bit helps us to afford our tools and techs time to help others.