Affordable 4G Business Internet Backup is Real

Unlimited 4G Business Backup Internet

We have all been there at one time or another in our careers. You are at the office surfing the internet, surely doing something productive since we are good employee’s, when all of a sudden you click that next link and BAHM! Page cannot be displayed. You quickly hit the refresh button, or maybe try to hit the back button thinking it was just a bad link; when off in the distance you hear the all too familiar call of the soon to be unproductive staff… “is the internet out?”

So now what? If you are lucky it is just something quick and someone will go and restart the modem and everything will be fine. If it is going to be one of those days, your connection is down until the ISP decides to fix their issue. Internet outages can mean different things for different companies. Several years ago, it just meant that more basic things such as searching the web, or maybe doing some updates to a minor system wouldn’t work for a while. These days, for the vast majority of companies this is detrimental because almost everything they do relies on that internet connection.


What can be done?

This has always been a common question no matter if it is a one person home based business, or a 1,000 person enterprise. Until recent times when it came to internet connections, companies had to choose between snails pace T1 lines or other high availability lines such as fiber that cost a significant amount of money, sometimes thousands of dollars a month; or get the significantly faster and much more reasonably priced cable or in some areas DSL lines. The luxury of having redundant connections was usually reserved for the larger businesses; and that was if they had a secondary carrier available where their office was.

When 4G cellular connections hit the market, they were revolutionary, and offered a means of business internet backup where there were no secondary carriers because unlimited data was in wide abundance. Then the cellular carriers realized that they were missing out on some huge profits by offering unlimited data and we saw a quick reversal of that. For people with relatively stable primary connections, even with the pricing changes the service was affordable and left a good blanket for the maybe one time a year that the internet would go down for maybe an hour. Unfortunately, for those who weren’t sure about the stability of their connection, or that they were down several times a year, 4G cellular was a risky option because you pay for any data you use, or any overages from the included monthly data. In just 1 hour of downtime, an office of even just a few users could generate gigabytes of data usage. If you were down for too long, you could be slapped with a monthly bill of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars; which is a gamble that almost no one wants to take.


4G for Everyone

There is now a very slow shift back to allowing unlimited data on a very limited basis; but that is centered around the consumer markets, such as cell phones and even wifi hotspots; SMB’s still really didn’t have a viable means for using 4G cellular backup for their networks. That is, until recently.

LogicCloud IT, with its partnership with Datto, now has a real option for Small and Midsize businesses to get the backup internet they need, without the risk of paralyzing overage charges. Our DNA appliance is a full featured, all-in-one solution for the SMB market. With edge router, firewall, and intrusion detection and prevention capabilities built in; all combined with fully integrated 4G LTE Internet fail-over with unlimited 4G data, the DNA appliance brings everything you need to deploy a network for your business.

This appliance isn’t just some small office device either; it was built to tackle networks large and small. With throughput speeds of up to 1.7 Gbps, the DNA has more throughout than any of the SonicWALL TZ series devices or even the Cisco ASA 5545 or Meraki MX400.

What about the cost? That is the best part. The networking appliance itself can be purchased for as little as $360. The monthly managed device service fee, which includes fully integrated 4G LTE fail-over with no overages, a 3-year advanced replacement warranty, monthly security subscription, and firmware updates (including new features and bug fixes), is as little as $150 / month.

So now you just have to ask yourself one question? Can I still not afford not to have a backup connection?



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