The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Emergency Remote Work Kit

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to infect more people worldwide, companies of all sizes have been questioning how to conduct business during this outbreak. This is also putting inevitable strain on critical service providers like local and regional municipalities, hospitals, educational institutions and non-profit organizations, as they ready themselves to deal with potential further outbreaks and disruptions.

As a member of the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC), we at LogicCloud IT feel it is necessary for us in the technology industry as a whole to make near-term efforts to help companies focus on the health and safety of their employees and their businesses, while doing what we can to help the critical service providers in our communities who are on the front lines of this health crisis.

As such, as a LogMeIn partner, we will be providing access to a free Emergency Remote Work Kit for health care providers, educational institutions, municipalities and non-profit organizations as well as for current LogicCloud IT and LogMeIn customers.

M-HAST Emergency Remote Work Kit

The LogicCloud IT and LogMeIn Emergency Remote Work Kits give businesses free access to LogMeIn products that allow an organization to continue to remotely Meet, Host, Access, and Support its operations as well as provide an organization with Employee Security Awareness Training. Businesses can choose to access one, many or all of the offers as they see fit for their organization.

GoToMeeting: Free site license of LogMeIn GoToMeeting for 90 days. Use GoToMeeting to reduce employee exposure by enabling face-to-face remote collaboration, via desktop, web, or mobile.

GoToWebinar: Free licenses (as needed) of LogMeIn GoToWebinar for 90 days. Deliver critical information quickly via remote all-hands, company-wide announcements, or client information sessions to up to 3,000 attendees.

Access: Companies from 1-10 seats
GoToMyPC or LogMeIn Pro: Free licenses (as needed) of LogMeIn GoToMyPC or LogMeIn Pro for 90 days. Minimize non-essential staff on-site, while still supporting your patients. Allow staff to remotely access their work desktops from off-site endpoints.

Access: Companies 10+ seats
LogMeIn Central: Free licenses (as needed) of LogMeIn Central (Base + 3 Modules) for 90 days. Limit max of 3,500 seats. Minimize non-essential staff on-site, while still supporting your patients. Allow staff to remotely access their work desktops from off-site endpoints.

RescueAssist: Free seat(s) of LogMeIn RescueAssist for 90 days. Keep the systems your front-line teams depend on running without IT physically present. Resolve technical issues by delivering web-based support to customers, end users, unattended computers and servers.


Employee Security Awareness Training from LogicCloud IT: In addition to the free LogMeIn products being donated by LogMeIn, LogicCloud IT would also like to offer 20% off for 1 year ,and no setup fee, for any level of the LogicCloud PII-Protect Self-Service Employee Security Training.
Scammers and cybercriminals use times of panic to prey on businesses and their employees. It is important that employees have at least the basic knowledge on how to spot phishing emails to protect the business and its customers from scams, ransomware and other cyber-attacks. Hackers are already using fake coronavirus maps to infect visitors with malware,, and we don’t want your business to fall victim.

FAQ – LogMeIn Products

Q: What are the LogMeIn Emergency Remote Work Kits?
A: The LogMeIn Emergency Remote Work Kit provides health care providers, educational institutions, municipalities and non-profit organizations and existing LogMeIn customers with free, organization-wide use of many LogMeIn products for 90 days.


Q: How long will this offer be available?
A: The offer is currently available through the month of March, 2020.


Q: How do I get access to the Emergency Remote Work Kits?
A: Contact Us at LogicCloud IT to get started. The LogMeIn Emergency Remote Work products are only available through select participating LogMeIn / Jive partners, and the Employee Security Awareness Training is only available from LogicCloud IT.


Q: How is the 90 days counted if the offer must be signed up for in March 2020?
A: The 90 days start from the time of sign-up. Example: If you start the 90 days free on March 15th the offer will extend to June 15th.


Q: What happens after the 90 days is up?
A: For the LogMeIn Access and Host products customers can opt to discontinue the licenses or to purchase the standard renewal period for the product(s) at a special discounted rate with the help of a LogicCloud IT sales rep. For the Meet and Support products, customers can opt to discontinue the licenses or right size their account (based on usage) and convert the licenses to the standard product terms and costs with the help of a LogicCloud IT sales rep.


Will this offer apply to existing LogMeIn / Jive customers?
A: The 90-day Employee Remote Work Rescue Kit offers do not apply to any existing licenses for which a customer is already billed. Any customer looking to enroll in this program will be able to get free licenses only for additional licenses of any of the kits LogMeIn products. Customers with renewals in the next 90 days will need to renew their current contract in order to make use of any free licenses beyond the duration of their current contract.


Q: What constitutes Health Care Provider? Educational Institutions? Municipality? Non-profit?
A: Healthcare would be considered any medical care facility. Government should be determined a .gov domain at a state and local level (not Federal). Education would be determined by .edu domain and would include K-12, colleges and universities. Non-profits would be characterized by having a 501c3 tax designation.


Q: Are we offering these Remote Work Kits to clients outside of the verticals listed above? For instance, Financial business has remote offices and currently uses LogMeIn Rescue; can they get access to the kit?
A: If they are an existing LogMeIn customer, they are eligible for the kits and the other offerings defined above no matter their vertical. If they are a new LogMeIn customer, they are only eligible if they fall into one of the focus verticals/use-cases.


Q: Can a business pick different emergency kit products with different terms?
A: All LogMeIn Emergency Kit Products will be quoted for 90 days at $0 and have the same start date. If the customer is electing this program at time of renewal, they would need to renew in order to get free months of product.